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    Following Nara in Japan in 2012, Paris is honored to host the joint conference 13th  International Conference on Radiation Shielding (ICRS-13)  & 19th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection & Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society -2016 (RPSD-2016), from 3rd to 6th of October 2016. This conference explores the scientific, technological and engineering issues associated with particle and ionizing radiation shielding in its broadest context, including nuclear energy systems, accelerator facilities, lasers, space, medical area and other radiation environments. It is one of the premier international events dedicated to this multidisciplinary radiation shielding field, regularly attracting hundreds of the world's top scientists and engineers.

    The 50th Anniversary of the First Radiation Shielding Symposium, celebrated in 2008, recalled the towns where ICRS has been successively held. In 1972, Paris hosted the ICRS’4; in 2016 that will make 44 years since. Indeed, the present Honorary Chairs, Jean-Claude Nimal (CEA) and Enrico Sartori (OECD/NEA), were both active participants and the privileged witnesses of these international meetings.

    The ICRS 50th Anniversary commemoration raised awareness of the thematic richness of the Radiation Shielding studies from its very beginnings. But we can also gauge the progress made by this discipline and the associated conferences so far by the huge international audiences drawn to Radiation Protection & Shielding disciplines. That has been accomplished by opening up progressively and naturally to other fields than nuclear fission applications, namely fusion, nuclear medicine, particles physics, space, homeland security, radiation industrial use. Nevertheless, the original intellectual mark of their founders has been maintained through the continuous renewal of both calculation and measurement methods and strategies as well as by the application to ever more diverse and complex physical configurations.

    Furthermore, from a purely symbolic point of view, the so-called “Composition VIII” of the “avant-gardiste” painter Vassily Kandinsky (Russia, 1866 – France, 1944) can be perceived as a sublimated vision of the Radiation Protection & Shielding field, thanks to its warm and cold colors, thanks to its mixing of straight and curved drawing lines, thanks to its colored Cartesian, triangular and circular patterns.

    Back to the organizational aspects, we appreciate the efforts made by the ICRS and RPSD conferences to join each four years. Fully agreeing upon this dynamic we look at ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016 as a new opportunity offered to international community to notably:

        ● survey the theoretical, methodological, experimental and applicative innovations

        ● focus on recurrent challenges such as the source term determination by solving the inverse problem, the study
           of extreme situations, the shield design optimization, the real time dose rate determination in the frame of virtual
           reality, the finest dosimetry measurement interpretation, the nuclear data improvement, the uncertainty
           propagation, ...

        ● discuss the future of the calculational and numerical methods : deterministic versus Monte Carlo, semi-empirical
           methods, the contribution of high performance computing, the contribution of other disciplines,…

        ● identify new needs in a globalized world where the environmental dimension is becoming even more crucial, and
           must consequently inspire new radiation problematics, new experiments, new measurements, new standards,
           new theoretical and computational developments and challenges.

    Two dark broken lines in the Kandinsky’s painting echo symbolically the selected location devoted to the scheduled communications and exchanges, in the heart of Paris, next to the Seine River, in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower. We hope that this geographical configuration among the finest will favor a successful ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016 conference, where PhD students have their legitimate place just as well the confirmed researchers and engineers.

    We welcome all the ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016 attendees in Paris.

    Lastly, we take the opportunity to thank warmly here the co-organizers of the ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016 and all the physical and moral persons who contribute to its realization.

    Cheikh DIOP - General Chair

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This conference explores the scientific, technological and engineering issues associated with particle and ionizing radiation shielding in its broadest context


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