Linedata Exchange Europe 2017

hosted by Linedata

Kings Place

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017 08:30

  • Panel Discussions

    14:15: Digital transformation in practice - myth vs reality

    We hear a lot about digital transformation in theory, but what does it mean in practice? How are businesses successfully applying digital transformation and what are the differences between the hype and the reality? This engaging panel discussion will provide commentary and insight on how digital transformation is being applied in practice and how it can impact business success.

    The panel will address questions inclduding:

    • What does digital transformation mean for your business?
    • What tactics are being used to turn digital strategy into reality?
    • How are specific digital technologies, and industry disruptors like big data, AI, Blockchain, being implemented in practice?
    • What are the barriers to adoption?
    • What examples of success stories / case studies are available?


    Thorsten Peisl, RISE Financial Technologies Ltd  

    Stu Jackson, Fathom

    Ed Gouldstone, Linedata

    Ian Lloyd, TT International

    Dr. Abdalla Kablan, SIXCAP


    14:15: Hedge Funds - thriving in today's environment

    What is the future of Hedge Fund? How can Hedge Funds at the cutting edge ensure continued prosperity? The last few years have seen challenging times for the industry and businesses are constantly having to evolve and adapt as the world changes around them. In this industry panel session the panellists will look to share insight and discuss tactics and strategies for how Hedge Funds can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the times.

    Questions addressed will include:

    • What are the current challenges facing Hedge Funds?
    • How can Hedge Funds meet performance expectations amid significant political and economic instability and uncertainty?
    • What success strategies are essential in today’s market for Hedge Funds to prosper?
    • What opportunities are firms embracing?


    Paul McLernon, Pensato

    Geoff Galbraith, Man Group

    Paul Spendiff, Apex Fund Services (UK) Ltd

    Matt Smith, HFM Week


    14:15: Into the future with Lending & Leasing - Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

    An engaging discussion on the latest developments witin the Lending & Leasing industry and their impact, focusing on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

    Questions to be discussed include:

    • What does the future look like for the Lending and Leasing industry?
    • What does Blockchain mean in practice for the Lending and Leasing industry?
    • Is the AI revolution in Lending a reality?
    • What will it mean for businesses and how will it impact them?


    Lindsay Town, Chief Executive, IAA-Advisory

    Simon Goldie, FLA

    Bertrand Cocagne, Linedata


    15:30: The future of Europe - overcoming the challenges and embracing the opportunities

    The last year has seen some of the biggest disruptors to the political scene of the last 50 years. Europe faces political and economic uncertainty, the possible break-up of the European Union, a rise in populism and protectionism, global factors such as the recent US election all having an impact. However, with big changes come big opportunities.

    This lively panel debate will discuss and debate:

    • How businesses are overcoming these challenges
    • What new opportunities they have been able to capitalise on
    • What new opportunities they see in the future of Europe
    • What is the long term outlook for businesses operating in Europe?
    • How do you see the regulatory landscape evolving?
    • Many businesses are adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach, is this something they can afford to do?


    Virginie O'Shea, Aite Group

    William de Vries, Triodos

    David Kiddie, Expert Advisor

    Benoit Vesco, Meeschaert

    Agamemnon Kotrozos, Eurobank


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  • Keynote Speaker

    Tim Harford, Financial Times' Undercover Economist

    How to see into the future

    Forecasting seems more perilous than ever. Can anyone really see into the future? Tim looks at the remarkable - and tragic - story of two great economists who each believed that they could. And he draws on the latest research into the psychology of effective forecasting - arguing that the best forecasters have some surprising approaches.

    Tim Harford is a world-renowned behavioural economist, an award-winning Financial Times columnist, and a BBC broadcaster.

    Tim’s accessible, easy style provides entertaining, thought-provoking insights relevant to every person and organisation.