• Introduction

    Nuclear energy offers a response to the fast growing needs for low carbon energy supply in the coming 50 years and has to meet important civil engineering challenges: design of new generation power plants, emerging threats and hazards, increasing the term of operation, operating and dismantling the existing buildings with a strong emphasis on safety and waste management according to the demanding criteria of sustainable development.

    Apart from nuclear energy, other industries and all complex civil engineering works need safe structures built with innovative materials, design techniques, construction methodologies and computer aided methods as BIM. These major issues increase the need for high level civil engineering in the world. TINCE has the ambition to provide a support to this need by providing an enrichment of the knowledge and technologies of the nuclear civil engineering and the conventional one. This will be carried out through the scientific and technical exchanges between the specialist working within this very specific industry and also with researchers and industrial practitioners that may face comparable constraints.

    In 2013 and 2014, the diversity of subjects and the high quality of the presentations have offered the opportunity to build new partnerships, to rethink the way to cope with issues and to take up more and more interesting challenges. It was the opportunity to build and reinforce a link between generations of civil engineers.

    This is also the place to explore feasibility of application of the most innovative and advanced technologies to the exceptional structures of the nuclear sites. Therefore it is important that academics and engineers whose domains are within the field of the topics to join the event. Indeed there are many opportunities for them to find a place of application their new technologies as they will not find easily situations that are more intellectually challenging than the ones that the nuclear industry may generate. 

    If you are still wondering if TINCE may be the right place for you to share your latest design and construction technologies or your research, or if you are still wondering if the Civil Engineering may find an innovative place in the Nuclear Industry, I warmly invite you to come at TINCE 2016 to be convinced and provide us your highly appreciated scientific contribution.

    Guillaume HERVÉ - Chairman TINCE 2016

  • Participants

    At each edition, TINCE has gathered around 200 academics and industrial practitioners from more than 20 countries.

    The broad scope of the conference affords participants coming from very different domains the opportunity to share a large variety of technological innovations, or of R&D topics. The exposed topics are theoretical issues, pragmatic applications and feedbacks of these innovative applications. It enriches designers’ and contractors’ practices in a mutual benefit.

    TINCE has brought new opportunities for research application by exposing these innovative technics’ to the constructors, operators and designers to find new ways to build, strengthen and operate the structures.


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  • Conference Location

    UIC Paris,
    a very well served meeting place.
    16, rue Jean Rey - 75015 PARIS

    >On/offstreet parking nearby
    >RER C: Champ de Mars -Tour Eiffel
    >Metro line 6: Bir-Hakeim
    >Bus routes: 82, 69, 87, 42

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