HUMANIST Summer School

hosted by HUMANIST VCE


Start: 13 Sep 2017

End: 15 Sep 2017

  • Liste des participants

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    • Lars Akkermans


    • Sven Bischoff


    • Laurie Brown


    • Antonia Conti-Kufner


    • Charlotte Desmet


    • Claudia Evers


    • Lyess Ferhat


    • Inês Fortes


    • Maria Cristina Gaeta


    • Darina Havlíčková


    • Susanne Kaiser


    • Aoife Kervick


    • Maria Kreußlein


    • Barbara Krol


    • João Lamas


    • Shir Livny


    • Julie Maes


    • Fanny Malin


    • Marek Marek Tögel


    • Andrew Morris



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Event organiser: HUMANIST VCE
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