NeuroTech Symphony Symposium

hosted by CHUV - Département des neurosciences cliniques

CHUV : Auditoire Mathias Mayor - BH08-512

Start: Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019 09:30

End: Thursday, 19 Sep 2019 12:30

  • Programme

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    Wednesday 18th September

    9h30                Welcome, Prof Philippe Ryvlin

    10h - 12h30     Session “Technology and music for neurorehabilitation”

    12h30 - 14h     Lunch

    14h - 16h30     Session “Music and neuroscience in clinical care"

    16h30               Demonstration Neuroscape@NeuroTech Platform

    17h30-18h30   Business Meeting Neuroscape Alliance


    Thursday 19th September

    9h00                 Demonstration Neuroscape@NeuroTech Platform

    10h00- 12h30   Session “Aging with technology and music”

    12h30               End of the symposium

    20h15               Concert “Le Cerveau Enchanté”, Rosey Concert Hall

Short event description

"NeuroTech Symphony" is an international and interdisciplinary symposium at the interface of music, technology, aging and neurorehabilitation

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