• Asset Management and Fund Services Panels

    - What's so Big about Big Data? 14:00 - 15:00

    Big Data seems to spark much discussion but is it just hype, of interest only to technologists or applicable only to big firms? What can firms in Financial Services, large and small, get from their data and what practical steps can they take to realise real business benefits?

    This panel will be moderated by David Remy (Linedata) with speakers Vincent Kilcoyne (SAS) and Spiros Giannaros (Markit EDM).

    - Fintech and the Financial Markets 14:00 - 15:00 

    Venture capitalists, private equity firms, corporates and a number of other players have poured an unprecedented amount of money into global financial technology (fintech) start-ups. More than $50 billion has been invested in almost 2,500 companies since 2010 as these innovators redefine the way in which we store, save, borrow, invest, move, spend and protect money.* How will Fintech affect financial services market? Will disruption continue for the incumbent financial services providers? 

    This panel will be moderated by Catherine Doherty (Investit) with speakers Gary Brackenridge (Linedata), Ian Lloyd (TT International) and Mathieu Hamel (Marie Quantier).

  • Lending and Leasing Panels

    - Lending and Leasing industry Panel 14:00 - 15:00

    Mobility: from theory to reality 

    • Theory and the 1st truly mobile solutions applications porting
    • New collaborative tools between buyers and sellers 
    • New emerging trends among the main players of the market 

    Business Intelligence: what are the answers given by Business Intelligence to the challenges of the banks and leasing companies? 

    • What is BI in today's business? 
    • Tones of data, how using it?
    • How to set the right expectations?
  • Plenary Panel

    - Plenary Panel - Brexit Debate - Financial Markets Perspective 15:15 - 16:00

    June 23rd will be seen in years to come as a pivotal moment in British history. Will Britain exit the EU or stay, many economists believe leaving will lead to disaster and much uncertainty but others believes that this is a real opportunity for Britain to be independent again. Whilst there are numerous political debates currently in the media, Brexit is also prompting many discussions within the financial services community. What will be the impact of leaving or staying on financial services firms moving forward?

    This panel will be moderated by John Rowland (Cicero) with speakers Ahsley Kovas (Thomson Reuters) and Kenneth Farrugia (Bank of Valletta).

    * Source - Accenture


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  • Keynote Speaker

    Andrew Grill, IBM

    “Disrupt or be disrupted” - how to stay ahead of the digital curve


    Andrew Grill is an internationally renowned thought leader in the fields of social business, digital transformation and social media networks.

    Andrew is Global Managing Partner, with IBM Social Consulting. Andrew and his team are responsible for developing and delivering a truly consultative approach across the whole of IBM, bringing together the best of IBM’s Smarter Workforce and Social offerings, with world-class consulting services.