7th ECTP Conference - Innovative Built Environment

hosted by ECTP

Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Start: 17 Nov 2016

End: 18 Nov 2016

  • Application for a booth to exhibit innovation cases related to your project

    Innovation cases will be exhibited through booths which will be set up in the Conference room also dedicated to lunches and coffee breaks. Proposals dealing with innovation coming or expected from EC-funded or transnational funded RDI projects will be given priority. Booths dedicated to other topics may be proposed but will be accepted only under room availability and interest. The selection is made by the organizers and is supposed to be fully accepted by the proposers.

    The basic offer is a 4m² booth with carpet, 1 desk with lock and 2 stools at a cost of 480 €. It does not include access to the Conference sessions. Booth renting will be primarily reserved to registered Conference attendees.

    Should you need a larger booth or other arrangements, please contact conference@ectp.org.

    Proposals for booths have to be done through a specific form to be sent to conference@ectp.org.

    Please send it ASAP by October 31 to benefit from the available spaces since the number of boots is limited for logistics reasons.

    You will receive an email of confirmation that your booth is accepted and a code to register online.

    Roll-up posters can be brought by the exhibitors to be installed on their booth.


Short event description

The 7th ECTP Conference is devoted to innovation in the built environment, with sessions gathering high-level speakers from academia, industry & the EC and booths exhibiting advanced innovation cases.


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